Responding to a job offer is preparing. The physical presentation and the gestures are even more important than the CV.

We will make sure to showcase you. Depending on the job to be landed, you have to use your imagination while remaining respectful, to stand out from the crowd.

Your presentation must be memorable. You have to impact the employer’s brain.

Work experience is important, of course, but aside from being easy to adapt to various roles, and the tough character you might exhibit will make all the difference.

Earn the respect of superiors:
At work, one of the great scourges of today is harassment, whether moral, physical or sexual.

There are people “condemned” to be harassed, they can change jobs, cities, they will always be the scapegoat.

It has to change. You were not born to be harassed.

The embarrassment of the harassed does not exist, just like that of the stalker, both can be found in the same siblings.

This is again a matter of self-confidence. You don’t have to yell or beat yourself up to gain respect, self-confidence demands respect from others.

The job of the coach will be to make you aware of the equality between people, even if the rank of the stalker is higher, it is just a human first.

And sometimes, you shouldn’t be afraid to go and complain to the hierarchy or threaten to do so. Everyone has rights and they must be asserted.