You feel that you are losing ground, you have the impression that you will not be able to overcome one or more obstacles, you are generally fed up that could ostensibly push you towards burnout.

You feel different, misunderstood, diffuse evil, you have difficulty trusting, you want to get out of a situation of over control.

A move, a conflict within the couple or with the children, the loss of a loved one, a bad atmosphere at work, the lack of friends …

There are so many reasons in life to call on a life coach.

For your personal life
The requests for help can be numerous and in totally different areas. The suffering, the helplessness, the inability to overcome the ordeal …

Couple life :
Every day is not necessarily rosy and tensions can arise. You don’t know how to talk to another without being abrupt and hurtful, but you can’t continue like this.

We would like to get out of the rut, whether it is to continue better or to make the decision to stop everything.

The coach can help you find the right time to discuss, the way to do it, the words to avoid and those to favor.

Family life :
While the relationship can already be difficult to deal with on a day-to-day basis with the children, it is not easy either and you may find it difficult to contain yourself.

It is this restraint that day after day deteriorates the atmosphere.

Children can understand any situation, just find the words, explain the facts to them.

Expressing yourself and communicating is the key word in most conflicts or simple tensions.

If you let the situation stagnate, it might get worse. The role of the life coach is to guide you with his outside eye.

He has another vision of things, objective and neutral.