When there is a kind of constant competition between various employees, it is difficult to come to an agreement, and yet there are solutions to alleviate these tensions.

We see it regularly with salespeople, insurers, real estate agents, you always have to do better than your colleague or other business, there is enormous pressure that can become unbearable.

The constant goal of beating the other poisons your environment, you must find a way to clean it up.

The life coach can help you achieve the real goal you have set for yourself without being confused by outside elements.

The competition is left out, only the quality of the work and doing your best should be considered.

For those who work in teams like in factories, restaurants, offices, all also have a family life, social life, and worries and some take them to work.

It’s not always easy to live 8 hours a day with the same people so close and yet so different from you.

Their culture, their habits, their tics and tocs can annoy you.

With force, it becomes very disturbing, the laughter of this one, the gestures of that one become day after day more and more irritating.

The life coach will make you realize that beyond these small gestures, there is often a beautiful person.

We are not that different from each other, we have things in common, and also some stressful or unsettling ways for others.

Time passes best in the workplace when the atmosphere is relaxed. And what is it that keeps you from getting to know each other better outside?

We are often surprised by all these points in common that we have between colleagues.