Some bosses offer a coaching internship to its employees. One of the goals is to develop the performances of each one while privileging the group work.

Standing out from others while staying united brings strength to the company.

When employees become aware of their individuality within the company, for similar work, they become more profitable, more efficient and fatigue is better managed.

There is less burnout, less sick leave.

The coach makes the group work individually and together on physical exercises, surpassing oneself through the body and also through the mind.

Sharing, living together, helping will be put forward so that assertiveness becomes natural in the workplace.

You are interested in personal development
Personal development is on everyone’s lips, but what exactly does it consist of?

We are all different, our life is unique and we must use our special potential by bringing it to the fore. Most of us ignore our worth.

A coach knows how to detect your abilities, your aptitudes to face difficulties and the best way to do it.

It allows you to achieve your goals by removing obstacles one after the other.

It will make you work on the mind and the body.

The tools he uses are many and varied: diagrams, tables, music, virtual images, games to make you understand that the individual is a whole; you have to realize the wholeness of your being.

The ideal is to achieve harmony between body and mind to feel good about yourself in all circumstances.