There is a big difference between a life coach and a “shrink”.

They can sometimes be complementary at the same time or successive of one another.

The psychologist or psychoanalyst will search your life to find the basis of your discomfort and help you put things into perspective after you have made yourself aware of the problem to be solved.

These therapies are often long.

The life coach on the other hand does not work on the past will use your resources at the present moment as a basis and work for your goal to be achieved in a relatively short time.

Coaching and the coach have their limits. It is up to us to recognize it and to advise you or direct you to colleagues or various therapists.

The coach should not take the place of the therapist and can complement the action for faster healing.

The most important thing is the confidence you put in your coach. You are putting your future in his hands.

Not all coaches are created equal, you really have to choose carefully the one who will accompany you towards this new life.

The reputation of the coach can be an indicator for some, but not for all.

You can read testimonials, you can follow a recommendation from someone you trust and choose whether or not it’s right for you and whether it’s the right person for you and your situation.

It is important to recognize a minimum in the intervention in order to be able to evaluate the assistance provided.

A beginner can be effective from the first intervention. If he has little experience and is gifted and invested, he will know how to help you, all coaches are started one day.